Pony Tail Creations

Custom Horse Hair Jewelry

Charm Options


All charms are handcrafted sterling silver charms unless noted in the description

All charms subject to availability

Many of these charms work well for pendants also.

Heart Charms

2. Southwestern flower charm    $17

  1. 1.Joy heart charm

   $ 15

  1. 5.Vintage victorian heart with scroll and tear drop design, it is the only one I have.  Sterling Silver                $35

  1. 3.Always heart charm


  1. 6.Small open heart charm

would also make a pretty, small pendant       $15

this is the only one I have of this charm

7.  Offset open heart charm, would also make a nice pendant or bracelet link  $20

8. Open heart charm w/loop on top    $17

  1. 9.Heart charm with star


  1. 10.open heart charm with vine, also could be a pendant


13. Sterling silver horseshoe charm     $20

  1. 11.Bronze gold heart w/horse head charm/pendant


Horseshoe Charms

  1. 12. Vintage horseshoe

charm/w hearts, this is the only one I have     $25

14. Bronze gold horseshoe charm   $15

Other Charms

  1. 15.Be Free Horse Charm


photo shows front/back

  1. 16.Horse Charm 


  1. 17.Texas boot charm, not sterling but a nice charm


this is the only one I have of this charm

  1. 18.Oklahoma cowboy boot charm, not sterling but a nice charm    $20

this is the only one I have of this charm

  1. 16.Parelli Supple Charm


17. Parelli Successful tag charm   $12

18. Parelli Responsive tag charm   $12

  1. 22.Love Heart Tag Charm


  1. 23.Cross with heart charm


  1. 24.Tiny Cross Charm


  1. 25.Tiny Star Charm


  1. 26.Heart Charm Holder

great for necklace and add charms as you want  $17