Pony Tail Creations

Custom Horse Hair Jewelry


Pony Tail Creations

Unique jewelry created from your horse's tail hair (or mine!)

When I lost my beloved horse, Roddy, due to colic, I wanted a piece of jewelry made from his hair so I could keep him with me all the time.  I had a few pieces made which I treasure.  I decided I wanted to learn the art of making one of a kind jewelry from horse hair.  That decision led to Pony Tail Creations.  

Email, text, or call me 336-909-3389 for more info or to answer any questions   witzar@aol.com

The order form will allow you to put your choices down and add any further instructions.  It also has the address to mail your horsehair.

Pony Tail Order Form.pages

Pony Tail Order Formpages.pdf

I also offer gift certificates.

I can make your piece with more that one horse’s tail but I charge $5.00 for each additional horse tail.


A bracelet with sterling silver components is $95. Beads and/or charms are extra.  Special end caps are available for an extra charge.     Shipping is $13.50.


A necklace with sterling silver components is $115.  Pendants, bails and beads are extra.   Special end caps are available for an extra charge.  Shipping is $13.50

Zipper Pulls/Key Chains

Braided zipper pulls are also available.  Each zipper pull is $55.00.  You can choose the length of the braid and unbraided hair at the bottom.


Braided bookmarks are $55.00 each.  You can choose the length of the braid and

unbraided hair at the bottom.

The process

  1. 1. Gather horse tail hair.  Cut a hank of tail hair from underneath the tail up near the top.  You will need about a thumbs width of hair about 16" long for a bracelet and about 24" to 28" long for a necklace.  Please be sure there is enough of the longer hair to make your custom piece.  I can not add hair to create more length.  Put a rubber band around the cut hair when you cut it.  If the hair is matted I will not be able to use it, so you may want to brush out the tail before cutting it.  Put the hair in a labeled ziplock bag to send to me.  I will wash the hair, comb it out, carefully count out the hairs, create the strands and braid the hair for your custom piece.  I can make your piece with more than one horses tail please add $5 for each additional tail for washing.

2.  You will pick the braid you would like.  Click here to see braids

I'll need to know the size you desire of the finished bracelet.  Usually 1" larger than a tight wrist measurement or measure the length of a bracelet you like that you  have.

I'll need to know the finished size of the necklace if you order a necklace.  They usually run from 16" to 18" in length.  I can make a longer one as long as the horsehair is long enough and there is enough longer hairs.

The finished size of necklaces and bracelets is the total length of the finished piece including clasps.

  1. 3. Choose your clasp.         a lobster claw or a toggle clasp

  2. 4.Choose a charm and or bead if desired

    click here to see clasps, pendants and bails

    click here to see charm choices

    Click here to see bead choices

     Click Here to check out new jewelry with channels for horse hair

Do you want a custom piece but don’t have a horse?  I can create your custom

piece using my horse hair.  I have black, chestnut and palomino horse hair to choose from (subject to availability).  You can create your own custom piece by choosing the color(s) of horse hair you want, choose your options, and mail or email your order to me.  Please add $20 to the cost to cover my horse hair.